A Society Formed


President’s Foreword

Author’s Notes

An Overview

Part I – Developing Decades

Chapter One: Organists’ Associations
Chapter Two: The Society
Chapter Three: Missing Years – 1918-1936
Chapter Four: Wartime Years 1936-1945
Chapter Five: Towards the Golden Jubilee 1945-1967
Chapter Six: Change in the Wind 1968 -1974
Chapter Seven: Things Change 1974-2002
Chapter Eight: The New Millennium 2002-2017
Chapter Nine: A Reflection on USOC’s Next Century

Part II – Catalogue & Commentary

Chapter Ten: 100 years of USOC
Chapter Eleven: Links with the Leinster Society of Organists & Choirmasters
Chapter Twelve; USOC and Organ Builders in Ulster
Chapter Thirteen; An Octogenarian Organist Looks Back
Chapter Fourteen: USOC May Trips

Part III – Governance

Chapter Fifteen: Governance of USOC

Part IV – Facts and Figures about USOC

Appendix One: Presidents of the Society
Appendix Two: Office Bearers of USOC
Appendix Three: Committee Members of USOC over 50 Years from 1968
Appendix Four: Distinguished Guests of the Society
Appendix Five: Honorary Members of the Society
Appendix Six: Composite/Members’ Recitals
Appendix Seven: Numbers of Members in the Society
Appendix Eight: Founder Members

A Postscript

People Index